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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Window Coverings near Bellingham, WA

Have you been looking at your windows and thought that your blinds could use a cleaning? While our products are top of the line, dirt and grime in the air can take its toll on even the best window treatments even with the proper care. Fortunately, we here at Walls and Windows offers a cleaning service, particularly for dirty blinds.

We use professional grade cleaner to ensure that your window treatments receive a quality clean with no risk of damage. Store bought and traditional types of cleaners cannot provide the kind of cleaning treatment that we can. That's because we use top of the line technology to clean your blinds. This technology uses ultrasonic sound waves that does not require any scrubbing or harsh chemicals that could damage more delicate materials. Instead, it uses the same technology used by medical professionals to remove all kinds of germs, dirt, dust, and bacteria. This process will clean all parts of your blinds too, including the vanes, cords, and headrail, so the product you get after the cleaning looks as good as new.

Instead of replacing your blinds, consider having them cleaned by the professionals at Walls and Windows. We make it easy to get your window treatments looking perfect whether they need cleaning or repairs. That’s why we are proud to offer a free cleaning with any repair order. If your window treatments aren’t treating you right, we want to do everything we can to fix that.

You might not realize the stress that window treatments undergo after years of constant use or the amount of dust, dirt, and grime that can build up and get stuck deep in the material. Cleaning is the easiest way to get your window treatments looking better than ever, and it can save you time and money. Plus, with our years of experience, you can trust that our company will do everything to make sure the customer is satisfied.