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Storm/Security Protection

Roll shutters are perfect for providing an extra layer of protection for your windows –especially in areas that experience frequent inclement weather, like high winds, storms, and hail damage. Roll shutters additionally offer an extra layer of security, protecting your home against theft and vandalism. At Walls and Windows, we carry an array of premium solutions, including Alutech roll shutters and storm shutters & roller shutters and security screens from QMI, each designed with quality and durability mind. Our selection makes it easy to find the perfect style for your home’s exterior.

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Magnum Roll Shutter

This ultra-durable roll shutter features both residential and commercial applications. Magnum serves as a mini-overhead door as well as a hurricane shutter. Innovative shutter technology removes the need for storm bars, allowing it to operate quietly and smoothly. Without compromising on toughness, this shutter features a compact design fit to protect small homes. Magnum hurricane shutters are building code approved; wood and concrete construction approved; and features a patented roll shutter system.

Alutech Magnum storm shutters offer motorized, remote control, and home automation options for the ultimate convenience and flexibility, making it a fantastic option overall for a complete rolling shutter system.

Studio Star Custom Shaped Shutter

The Alutech Studio Star roll shutter is perfect for unique windows, like arched, trapezoidal and triangular-shaped. This roll shutter style provides both storm and hurricane-strength protection as well as resistance against wind and rain damage. Enjoy energy savings as well as an improved home value with this versatile shutter that comes in several colors including custom colors. Studio Star offers easy control with motorized options as well as an engineered pulley system.

Barracuda Roll Shutter

Experience ultimate durability with this roll shutter than can withstand up to 230 mile per hour winds, making it a great choice for geographic areas prone to high speed sustained winds. Barracuda features an end retention system that eliminates the need for storm bars. Barracuda security shutters are comprised of aluminum slats and stainless steel that protects each window from expensive damage. Like Magnum, this shutter is approved for wood and concrete constructions. Efficient construction reduces the size and makes it a reliable fit for smaller homes.

Barracuda features both motorized and manual operating systems as well as remote controlled, home automated, and several locking options.

Sun Star Rolling Shutter

Alutech Sun Star provides shading, privacy, energy savings, and protection for even sunrooms and skylights. We recommend Sun Star for precise light control and maximum comfort. Sun Star boasts 90% more thermal protection compared to similar sunscreen fabric shades. Enjoy a sleek rolling style built from aluminum and stainless steel that improves the value of your housing all wrapped up in a convenient motorized system. Shield harsh incoming light from overhead and take comfortable control of your living space.

Alu Star RC 42

These security shutters feature a foam filled slat —a versatile option that not only insulates, but also reduces unwanted noise. The RC 42 works well for medium sized homes and offers protection against heat gain, heat loss, and works to prevent intruders and destruction of property. Foam insulation is a standard and popular choice on the roller shutter market!


Founded in 1986, QMI is North America's largest manufacturer and seller of storm and security window and door protection. We're proud to offer a selection of rolling storm shutters and security screens from QMI including:

  • Qompact® Shutter System: Available in manual and automatic operation systems, these compact rolling storm and security shutters are up to 50% smaller than traditional rolling shutters. Qompact® Shutters offer a patented nesting design that runs smoothly and quietly to protect your home from the elements.
  • StormSafe® Hurricane and Security Screens: These nearly impenetrable stainless steel screens offer the airflow and light of a traditional window screen with the quality protection of QMI. These StormSafe® Hurricane and Security Screens are cut- and impact-resistant, protecting your home and windows from any intruders or storm debris.

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