Which Type of Hunter Douglas Shade is Right?

With so many options for window treatments out there, choosing the right shades for your home can be an overwhelming job. It’s important to decide exactly what you need from your shades. Think about the privacy and light control requirements of each window. Do you have small children or pets in your home? Are you looking to reduce home energy costs? Read on to learn about some of the popular shade solutions Hunter Douglas has to offer.

Sheer Shadings

A great option for diffusing direct sunlight and complementing any home’s interior, sheer shadings offer varying degrees of privacy and light control with a single window treatment. An example of this type of sheer shade is Silhouette® from Hunter Douglas. Between two sheer fabric panels, Silhouette® shadings have adjustable fabric vanes that do an excellent job of diffusing direct sunlight. By simply tiling the vanes, it’s easy to achieve the desired level of privacy and natural lighting.

Honeycomb Shades

Also known as cellular shades, honeycomb shades are the gold standard when it comes to insulating window treatments. Duette®. from Hunter Douglas is the original shade to offer honeycomb-in-a-honeycomb design, which helps trap air between the window and the interior of your home, helping to reduce your home energy costs. This design is available several different cell sizes, colors and light control options to meet virtually any need.

Roman Shades

One of the simplest, most elegant and timeless styles of window treatments, with so many choices in fabrics, colors and designs, roman shades are always a great choice. They can be as unobtrusive or as elaborate as you choose, and depending on the type and texture of fabric you select, they can offer great insulation and light control properties. Hunter Douglas offers several options when it comes to roman shades. One popular option is Vignette®. Vignette® roman shades are not only beautiful, they have no exposed rear cords, keeping your windows looking uncluttered. Vignette® is available in many different materials, colors, and fold sizes, in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a versatile, low profile and practical option for window treatments. Designer Roller Shades and The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades are two collections offered by Hunter Douglas. With a wide array of options for light blocking materials, textures, colors and designs, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these roller shades choices.

Woven Wooden Shades

Crafted from bamboo, jute, straw, natural grasses and other natural materials, woven wooden shades are a beautiful and economical choice. They’re a great way to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. Hunter Douglas offers several woven wooden shade choices including Provenance®. The Provenance® line is made of high quality materials and handcrafted to minimize any bowing, bending, fading or stretching. They’re available with an optional lining that enhances the light control and insulation characteristics of the shade.

For questions about which shades are the right choice for your home, contact the design professionals at Walls & Windows or stop by our state-of-the-art showroom in Bellingham, WA. Proudly serving Bellingham and the surrounding area, our experienced and friendly staff can help guide you to the right choice.