What Makes Custom Shutters Exceptional

With winter rapidly approaching, you may want a fresh, new look for your home to impress the guests that you will inevitably have. Often, a good place to start is with your window treatments. The currently trending window treatment is plantation shutters! Not only do shutters have great aesthetic appeal, but they also have a multitude of benefits. Walls and Windows Inc. of Bellingham, WA wants to help you decide whether shutters would be a good fit for your home!

Benefits of Shutters

On top of adding a great look to your home, shutters can add an element of gentle elegance to your home. They also offer numerous functional benefits. One of their main functional benefits is light control. These window treatments are designed for aesthetic appeal, but also with the purpose to control the light that enters your home. The wooden slats that the shutters are comprised of block light very effectively and protect your belongings from damaging UV rays. Additionally, plantation shutters have no dangling cords, making them some of the easiest and safest window treatments to control. This allows you to easily allow the perfect amount of light into your home!

Types of Shutters

As your local Hunter Douglas dealer, we offer you a large selection of custom Hunter Douglas window treatments, including shutters. Hunter Douglas shutters have a classic plantation look, which can add a touch of Southern charm to any home. They are also built to last a long time and have exceptional craftsmanship. Plus, they are offered in several different materials to ensure you can find something to match any look. Hunter Douglas offers three different styles of plantation shutters.

Heritance® plantation shutters are hardwood shutters crafted entirely from real wood. They are constructed with a method called dovetail construction, which allows for maximum strength and durability. There is a wide variety of paints and stains available for these shutters, so you won’t have a problem complementing your existing décor.

NewStyle® is a value-priced shutter that blends the beauty of real wood and modern-day materials to create a durable, yet stunning look for any space. This hybrid is perfect for people who love the look of wood, but want something more durable.

Palm Beach™ shutters are made from a UV-resistant Polysatin™ compound. This ensures that they will never crack, fade, warp, or discolor, regardless of moisture or heat.

Professional Help in Bellingham, WA

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of Hunter Douglas custom shutters, then it is time to stop by Walls & Windows Inc. We have been serving Bellingham, WA and the great surrounding area for over 30 years. In addition to the top-quality products that we offer such as our custom slipcovers and our custom Hunter Douglas window treatments, we also have our own gallery showroom so that you can get a feel for how our products will look in your home. Our certified professional installers will make redesigning your home for the new year as easy as possible. We can help you with everything from finding the right product for your needs to how well the product will fit with your home’s décor. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to get started with your next project!