Your Home is Right for Hardwood Blinds

While this question may seem easy to answer, if you don’t know much about hardwood blinds or blinds in general, how are you supposed to know if your home is right for them? That is where we come in! At Walls & Windows INC, we have been providing our customers with the highest quality of customer service for over 30 years. Based on what you tell our trained professionals, we can help you decide what is best for you and your family. We welcome you to visit our showroom floor located in Bellingham, WA to get an idea of what hardwood blinds would look like in the most used rooms in your home, like the bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, and the kitchen. We are proud to serve Bellingham, WA and the surrounding areas.

When you have finally become able to purchase your own home or have simply decided to update a home you already own, you want to have the highest quality products inside of it. One of the most popular things people love to decorate their homes with is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors have a classic but modern feel to them that easily fits into any décor, and they are easier to clean than carpet and tile. The same benefits are offered with hardwood blinds! Bringing a smooth and welcoming vibe, these blinds help complement the interior aesthetic in your home in areas that are often overlooked, like window frames. Hardwood blinds can also save you time when it comes to your cleaning routine, because they just need to be dusted occasionally to keep them looking great. Plus, hardwood blinds do not stain, so you won’t have to worry about kids or pets messing them up. These blinds are perfect for big families with busy schedules that don’t have time to waste cleaning normal blinds.

Whether hardwood blinds would work in your home depends on which room you are looking to outfit.One of the best places to have your hardwood blinds is in your bedroom. They set the entire mood of your bedroom, creating a warm place to rest your eyes. They also work great in your living room, because they create an inviting, comfortable space that guests will love. No matter which room you want to place your new blinds in, they will match your decor! Wood blinds come in a variety of colors, so you can choose something that matches your already existing décor, or create a whole new look for your home.

Hardwood blinds can really be for any home! They offer a warm, natural look you can’t get with other blinds, and are so low-maintenance, they keep your home looking great year-round. At Walls and Windows INC, we are family-owned and operated and have over 30 years of experience, so you can be confident we will lead you in the right direction. Let our expert team guide you effortlessly through the process of choosing beautiful new window treatments for any room in your home. Call us or stop by today to learn more.