Does Your Home Need Motorized Window Treatments?

I know the question is does your home need motorized window treatments, but you really should be asking yourself if you need motorized window treatments. At Walls and Windows Inc. we believe in putting our customers and community first. This is why our beautiful showroom is equipped with a wide range of window treatments for you to try out hands on before making a decision. We are located in Bellingham, WA and we proudly serve the surrounding areas. Purchasing new treatments for your window can be an overwhelming process even for the most experienced homeowner. Our educated and highly trained professionals are available to answer any and all of the questions that you have to help you make the most informed choice.

Blinded by the light?

Picture this: It is your day off from work and you decide all you want to do is watch a movie on your sofa. The PowerView motorization system by Hunter Douglas can be operated from the luxury of your sofa, so even if you are watching a movie from the comfort of your living room, you can operate the window treatments in any room in your home. You have several choices when it comes to operating your motorized window treatments. First you can download the free PowerView app and use your smartphone or smart tablet to open and close your blinds or shades. You also have the choice to choose the Pebble Remote Controller or the Pebble Scene Controller. These two items come in a variety of colors, so pick your favorite! Having motorized window treatments also saves you time. With the click of a button you can bring the outside light in, or close it out.

Trouble adjusting?

We all get tired, and not just sleep deprived, but tired of opening and closing our blinds and shades whenever the sun decides to move from East to West. The good news is that PowerView motorized window treatments can accommodate not just you and your schedule, but the sun’s as well! They can automatically adjust during the transition from day to night. Need a wake up call? Set your treatments to rise at the time you wake in the morning and you will be greeted by a warm beam of sunshine. They can even adjust themselves to daylight savings time! Your blinds and shades will always run on your time, and there is no need to charge your treatments as they are battery operated for your convenience.

There is nothing more freeing than having your world brightened by a beautifully designed motorized window treatment. Here at Walls and Windows Inc. we offer complimentary on site design consultation whether it be at your home or in our showroom, and you will be assisted by one of our certified professionals. We will gladly help your decide if motorized window treatments are right for your home.